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Truck Towing

Truck towing in France

We are Truck Towing experts

A heavy vehicle is not unable to be prone to accidents on the road, caused by bad weather for example. Fortunately, the company Lord assistance dépannage remorquage in France is to answer all your life demands, lifting, craning for any type of heavy vehicle in distress. With the help of high quality material and our best experts, no heavyweight can resist us!

Trucks, construction vehicles, buses, tanks truck, refrigerated trucks ... We tow any kind of heavy weight, up to 100 tons.

We work quickly and efficiently with hight quality equipment and qualified and certified mecanicians.

Your truck is stuck ? We give you a tow immediately !

We have the best equipment in the market for precise and fast towing. We have a wide range of trucks, ranging from small truck to bigger truck which can lift up to 120 tons. We will choose the most appropriate way to achieve the ideal towing for your heavy vehicle.

Our fleet consists of several types of trucks can tow on an air cushion, tow with the help of cranes or tow by mechanical arms. In fact,  we are experts in all truck towing techniques.

We perform towing for professionals, businesses, garages etc...

Towing for big trucks

Contact us for a truck towing !

We operate throughout France on the international and national road, highway, exchangers, express roads and roundabouts.

We tow the vehicle where you want, in a garage, workshop, or at home.

Our experience and practice of our employees during many interventions as effective as spectacular are what makes the Lord assistance dépannage remorquage company a valuable assistance to ensure a successful towing. Do not hesitate to call us! We will be at the scene of your accidented vehicle promptly and safely for optimum efficiency.

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